​​yUmMy food, haPpy BelLieS.

bite my wiener - Famous hot dog shack

Bite My Wiener - Ohiopyle's Famous Dog Shack was founded in 2015 so that customers could enjoy a quick & delicious bite to eat while on the go without sacrificing quality.  We proudly serve Nathan's 1/4 pound 100% all beef hotdogs on a brioche bun, with a few surprises on top of course! Our famous dog shack grew such popularity that we now serve the shack's menu full-time in Ohiopyle Bakery & Sandwich Shoppe! 

Don't forget to grab a T-shirt to take home to show your friends & family.

gIve uS a ShoUt ouT!

bakery phone...

+1.724.329.2253 (bake)

pizza phone...


sNaiL mAil...

P.O. box 45

​Ohiopyle, Pa 15470

.....or a quick EMAIL